Tantra massage for body, soul and spirit
(as of 12.12.17)The winter is in the starting blocks, our need for retreat increases. Extensive massages are a blessing for the body and the soul, especially during the darker seasons. Of course this is especially true for a sensual tantric massage. While at the beginning of summer my focus was even more on relaxing classical tantric massages, at the moment I am developing a special joy for dynamic and intensive sessions. Often, at the beginning of a massage, one does not know exactly where the journey is going – it is a challenge to become really involved in this process. As a result, the massage is always experienced differently, always new and alive.

Current offer for the period from November 2017 to February 2018: 10% discount on all 4-hand massages.

From 18 February, my colleague, Rolf Fischler, will be a guest masseur for a few days in Saarland and appointments for couple or 4-hand massages can also be arranged
I know that there are so many different offers and interpretations regarding Tantric massage.

Unfortunately, as there is still no protected job title in this area, orientation is often difficult. Personally I orient myself to the guidelines of the Tantramasssageverbandes (TMV e.V).

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