How does tantric massage work?

At the beginning of each massage there will be a preliminary talk, with the opportunity to discuss details of the procedure, to ask questions or to discuss any possible limitations (for example, allergies, sensitivities, etc.).

Depending on the desired duration and focus of the massage time, the sequence varies in its structure.

Each massage has a clear beginning, runs a certain structure and concludes with a conscious ending.

Individual sequences are individually and intuitively adapted. The person being massaged has full control of the process.

You may take a shower before and/or after a massage.

Is mutual contact possible in the massage?

The roles of giving and receiving the touch in the massage context are deliberately clearly defined. The receiving person has the focus on the self-perception and the expression of emotions via breathing, the voice and body movement. The background is the idea of accepting touch and interpersonal closeness, expressing oneself through the body and thus experiencing new facets of one’s own sexuality.

Is genital massage always part of the massage?

A special genital massage (Yoni or Lingam massage) is offered in the sense of holistic experience within a tantra massage as an option, but is not essential. This can be clarified in the preliminary talk.

If a genital massage is desired, it should be noted that it is all about conscious experience of different touch facets. An orgasm is welcome, but not the ultimate goal of the massage. This type of contact is not to be understood as a sexual service.



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