Tantric massage offerings

Tantric massage offers

Tantric Massage TMV Classic

Traditional tantric massage TMV. A sensual full-body massage .

1 hour: 150 € | 1.5 hours: 170 €

each additional 30 minutes: 50 €

Tantric massage TMV INTENSIVE

Traditional tantric massage. This variation also involves the intensification of bodyawareness and emotional experience.

starting from 2 hours massage time

Massage for couples

According to your preference, two female tantric masseurs or a massaging couple (male and female) devote themselves to one couple.

You have the choice of being massaged in the same or in separate rooms.

starting from a massage time of 1.5 hours

4 hands massage

Let yourself be pampered by four hands … you choose how you wish to be massaged:

  • by two women
  • or by one woman and one man

starting from a massage time of 1.5 hours

Early booking required to ensure your preferred date


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