TouchLife Massage

TouchLife massages are special wellness massages, combining a holistic understanding of the person with the art of mindful touch. They support deep relaxation and the regeneration of body and mind.

Various touch techniques are combined to form a harmonious massage structure. Elements of Swedish massage, acupressure and joint loosening, as well as breath perception and energy control all have an important role to play. Every touch arises from an alert and focused perspective towards the receiving person.

TouchLife massage
1 hour – 70 €
2 hours – 90 €

Rebalancing Bodywork/ Massage

is a special form of bodywork and massage which brings a person into harmony with him/herself and the full identity with the body, heart and mind.

Rebalancing works with a unique synthesis of deep-seated connective tissue massage, elements of Rolfing, loosening of joints, working with energy and breath, as well as expressing feelings about the body.

Presence and focus of the recipient are essential aspects of the technique. When a touch is made in full mindfulness and true closeness an energetic field emerges which allows for deep experience and an opening of the heart.

During a rebalancing session, expressing inner perceptions, emerging emotions and body impulses with movement, breathing or use of the voice are all desirable effects and enable a releasing of inner tension.

This process has a deep-seated positive effect on all areas of being, strengthening one’s personal attitude to life.

1.5 hours – 90 €
2 hours – 120 €

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