About me

I am an empathetic and sensual person with great interest in personality development and awareness of the body. I’m fascinated by carefully exploring boundaries, expanding and following my intuitive input. They are essential aspects that inspire me again and again and have helped shape my life.

My attitude towards bodywork

I love to touch the body of a human being and to feel its essence. My method of touch is respectful, personal and very attentive at the same time. It quickly creates an atmosphere of familiarity and the willingness to let go. Each of my massages is an encounter of body, soul and spirit.
Tantric massage is special and of great value to me, an enthusiasm which I would like to pass on.

For me it is a great gift when people open up and allow me access to their sensuality. I accompany them and it may lead to new experiences. I remain very aware of personal boundaries, including my own, and am very attentive. I meet the people who come to me with openness and accept everyone as they are.

Through many years of experience with massage and various forms of bodywork, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of dealing with varied physical aspects. With years of activity as a consultant in social professions, I’m also trained to quickly empathise with my counterpart and to deal with emerging emotions, those welcoming and yearned-for emotions.

As a sexual coach, I consider myself to be a person who supports you in your personal experience. I accompany you with sensitivity and authenticity in bodywork, and I also help you integrate the experience through discussion and feedback.


  • Certified Social Worker / Consultant with many years of professional experience
  • Sexological Bodyworker (certified / IISB)
  • Sexocorporel, 1st level (certified / ZISS)
  • Sexual companion (certified / ISBB-Tebel)
  • Tantric Massage therapist (certified / TMV)
  • Massage therapist (certified)
  • Relaxation Trainer (certified)

Working Practice, massage and bodywork

  • Since 2001: massage therapist with my own practice (TouchLifeMassage, rebalancing massage)
  • since 2003: RELAKS mobile, massage at the workplace
  • since 2005: course and workshop leader for massage, relaxation, stress management
  • 2005 – 2008: Trainer for relaxation and mental training
  • since 2011 : Sexual therapy, in particular ritual and therapeutically oriented Tantric Massage
  • 2012: Foundation of the practice community Villa-Martha – Cooperation with a team of expertise in sexual therapy, couple counselling, massage, bodywork and workshops
  • updated: Preparatory course to Healing Practitioner, psychotherapy / Merkurius Heilpraktikerschule in Saarbrücken
  • Ongoing seminars and training on sexuality and bodywork

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Certified training

  • Certified Tantric Massage therapist (2010-2012 / TMV)
    professional training at Ananda Wave,
    Cologne, Tantramassage Verband Germany
  • Certified Sexual Advisor (2013-2014 / ISBB®)
    Lothar Sandford, ISBB, Trebel
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker (2013-2014 / IISB®)
    Didi Liebold and Janine Hug,
    Zurich International Institute for Sexological Bodywork (IISB®)
  • Certificate 1st Level Sexocorporel (2014-2015)
    Zurich Institute of Clinical Sexology and Sexual Therapy
  • Certificates as Massage Therapist (2000-2002)
    Holistic Massage at Osho UTA
    Academy for Spiritual Therapy and Meditation, Cologne
  • TouchLife® massage – medically certified
    TouchLife®-Mobil – Massage at the workplace
    by Leder & von Kalckreuth, Hofheim
  • Rebalancing® Massage
    Connective Tissue Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork at
    IRT Nartan Zemelko, Saarbrücken
  • Certificates as Relaxation Trainer
    Stb coaching S. Breuer, Cologne(2005-2006)
  • GKM with Prof. Dr. med. G. Kaluza, Marburg (2008)
  • Ahab at Academy for health & business, Berlin (2008+2011)
  • Certified social therapist and Waldorf teacher
    7-year activity in various educational institutions
  • Dipl. Social Worker
    School of Social Work Frankfurt (1993-1997)
    15-year activity in the area of psycho-social counselling(1997-2011)

»A relaxed body is followed by a relaxed breath, a relaxed breath is followed by a relaxed mind.«

(A.E. Röcker)




Ute Himmelsbach
Relaks Massagen
Bühler Straße 47
66130 Saarbrücken
Phone: 0174 / 308 37 83