Sexolocigal bodywork

Returning to your body

Sexological bodywork could be described as a “journey of discovery to oneself”. The aim is to perceive one’s own sexual potential with more subtlety and depth and to learn to express it through the body with breathing, the voice and movement. Customised exercises and special touch methods allow you to effectively work on your own personal themes. That can be a very vibrant process. It supports positive access to the body and one’s own sexuality. The method is suitable for adult men and women of all ages and especially recommended:

  • people interested in careful research and development of their own sexuality
  • to deepen a relationship
  • solving sexual problems such as sensory and/or orgasm disorders, sexual insecurity and anxiety
  • post operation (e.g. in the genital area or chest)

The exercises are performed either on a classic massage table or on a mat on the floor. You can usually stay fully or partially clothed during the session. A complete freedom of textiles is sometimes necessary for genital or pelvic floor work – and of course only if you want it yourself. As your coach, I remain clothed and stay in contact with you through my hands, so that you can experience yourself.

Each practice session includes reflective and integrating discussions at the beginning and end.

Sexological body work
First meeting 1 hour: 70 €
Single session 1.5 hours: 170 €
each additional 30 minutes: 50 €


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